St. Martin’s By-the-Lake has a beautiful historic wedding chapel right on Lake Minnetonka available for weddings in the Christian faith. For more information about how you might celebrate your union and create beautiful memories at St. Martin’s By-the-Lake, email us at or call 952-471-8429.

See what weddings look like at St. Martin’s By-the-Lake:

A Georgian wedding in St. Martin’s by the Lake

Have you wanted to host your wedding in Georgia but failed to do that due to COVID restrictions? No worries, we know how to save your celebration and make it unforgettable even in the US! We at St. Martin’s by the Lake, offer your ceremony at the best Christian traditions to please your couple and your family. Being the best at organizing St. Martin Weddings, we know how to make your event unforgettable. Below, you can see what we offer. 

Church Ceremony

The first and foremost thing that you can carry out at St. Martin’s by the Lake is the church ceremony of marriage held according to the Christian ritual and tradition. If you are looking for a way to get married the way your Georgian bride wants, we are the best choice that you can make. 

Proclaiming Vows

If you do not want to have a church wedding at the moment of registering your marriage officially, you can choose to have just a ceremony of speaking the vows to each other. It is another popular service that Caucasian people in Minnesota order to celebrate their wedding day. In Georgian women culture, this ceremony is as important as a church wedding among people who consider themselves agnostic or wish to have a church ceremony later. 

Dinner or Catering

After the official part of your wedding, we can provide you with either a tasty dinner for your guests in the partnering restaurant nearby or prepare catering right on the St. Martin’s by the Lake territory. Our menus vary from the most popular world cuisines like Italian, French, and Japanese to the most sophisticated dishes of Eastern European and Caucasian cuisines. If you want to surprise your Georgian brides relatives and friends, consider choosing the last option for your celebration. 

Transfer for guests

Are you worried about all your friends and family traveling to Minnesota? You shouldn’t be, as we provide comfortable transportation from Saint Paul to our location. The whole way will not take longer than 40 minutes even in the most loaded traffic hours! Our bus will pick up all your guests at the airport terminal at a certain time and take them to your wedding spot quickly and safely. The transfer back to the airport or a certain hotel in Minnesota is also available for your convenience. If you are interested in the price list for this and other services, contact us by email or a phone number on our website. 

Additional services 

We offer additional celebration services provided by local wedding companies. They include everything you may need for your wedding day: clothes tailoring, bouquets and flowers, the ceremony decorations, music, and light effects. These services are offered at the reduced prices for those who get married in St. Martin’s by the Lake. Georgian women already ordered them previously and liked them a lot. Please see reviews on our website or contact us for more information regarding success stories.